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Meetings / Webinars

Wrap up and next steps meeting: February 17, 2022
Presentation: August 2021
Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Presents: Climate Change Impact on Ag Water Quality
Webinar: June 23, 2021
Opening Remarks by Thames River PRC co-chairs, Clare Latimer and Mark Reusser
The development of cationized carboxymethyl rich sorbent materials for the removal of inorganic phosphate from water
Phosphorus Adsorptive Media Pilot Scale Demonstrations of Innovative Watershed Scale Approaches to Pollutant Phosphorus Reduction
Sorbing On-Farm Phosphorus Using a Removable Filter Catridge (slag in a bag)
Agricultural Solutions for a Greener Planet - Zeolite
Looking into the Future
Meeting: Ontario Federation of Agriculture Research Day
Thursday May 6, 2021
Meeting: Presentation by our co-chairs to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative
Tuesday March 16, 2021
Learnings from the Thames River Phosphorus Reduction Collaborative 
Meeting: Canada-U.S. Activity
Friday January 29, 2021
Online / Webinar


Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Toronto EST (sign in at 10:45 a.m.)

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Chicago CST (sign in at 9:45 a.m.)

11:00 Opening remarks: Mark Reusser, OFA Vice-President and Thames River PRC co-chair

11:05 Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Update: Clare Latimer, Councillor, Ward 2, Chatham-Kent and Thames River PRC co-chair
here for presentation

11:15 IJC/Great Lakes Water Quality Board Nutrient Management Report: Mark Wales, member, Great Lakes Water Quality Board

11:35 Crystal Creek Organics: Bill Jones, Rochester Institute of Technology
here for presentation

11:55 Break

12:00 Comparing PRC projects for P removal: Ed Weinberg, President, ESSRE Consulting
here for presentation

12:20 Scaling up technology for edge of field P removal: Chris Jowett, Head of Technology and Government Relations, Waterloo Biofilter
here for presentation

12:40 Thames River Clear Water Revival Update: Chris Harrington, Member, Thames River Clear Water Revival and Manager,

Watershed Planning, Research and Monitoring, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
here for presentation

1:00 Discussion/Q&A

1:15 End of webinar

Steering Committee
Thursday November 26, 2020
Online / Webinar
This meeting discussed the following areas of focus:
  • Report on PRC Activities 

  • Status of Phosphorus/Hazardous Algae Blooms and Lessons from Canada

  • PRC Chippewa Project Update

  • PRC Waterloo Biofilter Project Update

Status of Phosphorus/Hazardous Algae Blooms & Lessons from Canada
PRC Waterloo Biofilter
Project Update
Report on PRC Activities
PRC Chippewa
Project Update
Phosphorus Reduction: Lessons learned in Canada and the U.S. Webinar
September 3, 2020
Online / Webinar
Introduction - Moderator - Clare Latimer
Using P removal structures to removed dissolved P
Chad Penn, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Introducing MagPi to recover phosphorus from liquid waste Dr. Rob Stephenson, Muddy River
Phosphorus removal technology: Roesch Farms
Ryan Carlow, Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority
Sorbing On-Farm Phosphorus Using a Removable Filter Catridge
Craig Merkley / Brad Glasman UTRCA
PRC Steering Committee Meeting and Conference
June 26-27, 2019
John D Bradley Centre, 565 Richmond Street, Chatham, Ontario
June 26th Presentations:
June 27th Presentations:
University Projects:
Feedback from conference participants:
"Very thought provoking and diverse proposals for tackling Phosphorus removal!"
"The number of different technologies and approaches being tested. WOW. The range of different materials is excellent."
"Encouraged by the large number of industry stakeholders that attended the tour and are a part of the collaborative."
"I find this type of meeting very useful and I would enjoy attending similar ones in the future."
A great crowd attended two days of learning and touring our demonstration sites!
Charles Lalonde, Project Manager of  the Thames River PRC, chats with Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff on the first day of the two-day conference
Colin Little of the Upper Thames Valley Conservation Authority, explains the work being done at the Roesch Farm demonstration site.
Emma Young, Environmental Co-ordinator for Chippewa of the Thames, talks about the band’s work in the local watershed.
Presentation to Western Ontario Warden's Caucus
January 18, 2019
PRC Steering Committee
December 7, 2018
Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, London, Ontario
PRC Steering Committee
June 27, 2018
John D. Bradley Convention Centre, Chatham, Ontario
Meeting Minutes:
PRC Steering Committee
February 23, 2018
Quality Inn, 580 Bruin Blvd, Woodstock, Ontario
OMAFRA  -Environmental Programs Update
PRC Implementation Plan and Governance
Great Lakes Protection Initiative: Reducing Toxic and Nuisance Algae in Lake Erie. 

PRC Implementation

Partner Roles

PRC Implementation Plan - Budget and Financing Plan
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