• Thames River PRC

First on-the-ground phosphorus removal demonstration under way in Chatham-Kent!


The Thames River PRC is pleased to announce that we will be testing a commercial product that absorbs phosphorus from tile water at the edge of a field on Louis Roesch’s farm in Chatham-Kent. The test will get under way later this fall and continue well into the future.

We’re very thankful to Gillier Drainage Contractors and ADS Pipe, who is supplying the drainage work and materials.

Gillier adjusted the current field tile system by connecting field tile laterals to a main drain. Tile water will flow to the edge of the field and into a tank filled with the commercial sorption product before being released into the municipal drain. Kevin McKague of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Colin Little of the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA) are supervising the tank installation and overseeing the project. The LTVCA will monitor water quality improvements.

The materials needed for the test were supplied by ADS Pipe. In-kind support to our projects is really essential, since the partners involved in the Thames River PRC have limited funding. We’d also like to thank Louis Roesch and the Kent Federation of Agriculture, without whom this test would not be possible. We all have a common goal – that’s removing phosphorus from the Thames River watershed!

Both ADS Pipe and Gillier Drainage Contractors are members of the Land Improvement Contractors of Ontario (LICO), who are stepping up and taking an active interest in various projects. LICO is supported through Blue Water Pipe Incorporated on the Thames River PRC Steering Committee.


Charlie Lalonde

Project Co-ordinator

Phone: (519) 993-0877

Email: Charles.Lalonde73@gmail.com